Egyliere Travel conducts business with a wide geographic range of clients: from the Unites States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and China. We provide private and commercial services for the travel industry and within both of these sectors we provide around the clock support to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Our team specializes in fulfilling all your individual travel requirements, whether private or family trips or group excursions. We segment our packages by desired purpose of visit, whether it is culture and heritage, sun and beach, spa and wellness, sports, diving, safari, medical travel, eco tours, pilgrimage or cruises. We also offer a variety of corporate travel options that can be tailor-made to meet your needs.


In a joint venture with one of the United Kingdom's leading universities, Egyliere is establishing a brand new, international campus which will become a hub for Middle East and North African students over the coming decades.

The premise of a business-facing university is that universities and business need to work on an integrated and collaborative basis in order to retain global competitiveness in the 21st century and an EGP billion investment will ensure state-of-the-art facilities and a campus beyond equal anywhere in Egypt.

The new university will make a significant social and economic contribution to our region, growing a national reputation for its work and achieving international recognition for its specialist areas of expertise.


In a joint venture with WBNCorp a provider of an array of solutions ranging from mobile application design and development all the way to digitation of physical documents

WBNCorp offices are located in Dubai, Cairo, and soon other international destinations


Egyliere is committed to becoming a premier specialty retailing group in Egypt and the wider region, offering quality international brands to a growing market of young, aspirational and affluent customers.

Our vision is to nurture and develop the core competency of each of our retailing partners to provide a solid platform for aggressive regional expansion.

Our core competency is developing brand values. We believe in and share the philosophy of each of our partner brands, upholding their origin, heritage, culture and legacy in a consistent and accurate manner.

Spearheading our objective to represent internationally renowned brands across the Middle East region is one of the fastest-growing leading lifestyle brands in the UK with an expanding network of stores in the USA and also present in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. Egyliere is proud to be continuing this expansion in Egypt and the wider Middle East, with our first store opening in Cairo offering a large collection from Robert Wan and Neri Karra


Egyliere Hospitality Management is a fully integrated hospitality company, which will own and operate boutique and design hotels and restaurants in Egypt and across the MENA region. Our hotels will be characterised by personalised service and leading performance; each hotel will have its own distinctive character and charm and offer a luxury experience to the international traveller, whether visiting on business or for pleasure.

At Egyliere, we value our owners and investors and enjoy strong collaborative relationships with them. Key drivers of our future success will be innovation in terms of product, service and markets as well as creativity, which has always been the hallmark of our heritage. There will still be plenty of challenges ahead but we are confident at Egyliere that we will surmount them. We shall seek to work constructively with partners to enhance our reach, our range of provision and our capacity to forge long-lasting relationships.


The company is led by CEO Mohamed Kaoud. Within the senior management team is a cadre of international executives from the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Switzerland who understand the influences that will change and shape the world in the 21st century. Their aim is to create a flexible and responsive enterprise that contributes to and helps define the forces and major themes of our times.


Egyliere has a long and established heritage in Egypt, originating from 1960s when the Kaoud Family established a land and development company in Cairo. The businesses continued to grow over the intervening decades, diversifying into hotel construction and management, shopping malls and residential real estate.


Egyliere is committed to becoming the best services provider in the Middle East and North Africa. Our aim is to establish and develop an enterprise which will reflect and lead the customer base that we serve.

Our vision is based on fundamental but essential principles: the management of enterprises that respect the interests of all stakeholders; a stance that reflects global outlook and reach in the governance of organisations; the enhancement of our reputation and visibility, consistent with our acknowledged qualities and strengths.


We believe in teamwork and collaboration: we come to better answers in teams than as individuals. We shall seek to work constructively with partners to enhance our reach, our range of provision and our capacity. Egyliere will adapt and respond to the needs of the community that it serves and will address issues of corporate social responsibility, sound corporate governance, entrepreneurship and family business that are of growing concern to both developed and developing economies.